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Your Future + Your Goals = Your Road Map

As we approach April 2020 most of us start thinking about our New Years resolutions & how we are going to keep the path or better ourselves and our situation throughout the rest of the new year.

This is GREAT, however, many people don’t write down their goals and even if they do they don’t take the time to break them down to the core.

Goal setting is huge in our culture. Between career, health, education, finance, spiritual, you name it- we set goals and milestones everywhere.

Writing down goals is powerful. More powerful than you know. Not only that, but it helps keep you laser focused every second of every day.

So what is goal setting?

What is a New Years resolution?

Ultimately, goal setting & resolutions are one of the same. They are the action plans and road maps created to help motivate and direct you towards achieving your goals.

Here are the key components to goal setting:

Write down your goal.

Break it up into monthly, weekly, daily, & hourly action steps - When, where, & how.

Breakdown the details of your goals.

How much revenue, how many deals, how many appointments, how many calls will you have to make, doors will you have to knock on, what is your closing ratio? You get the point.

Get super detailed.

Always Keep your road map in front of you

Write your goals down DAILY

Make adjustments on a needs basis to align with your end goal NEVER GIVE UP

When you set goals you create 3 things:

- Roadmap Mindset Attainment

-Breaking it down to these 3 components makes you realize just how achieve able your goals really are.

-Always remember that the pursuit of the goal and journey you take is just as important as achieving it.

Who you become & what you overcome in the process is the ultimate success.

Push yourself. Raise your lid. Set above average goals.

Now.... 2020 is here. It’s going to be the best year of your life. You are going to crush your goals and look back this time next year and think ....

“wow, I did it. I’m a FREAKING CHAMPION.”

Let’s gooooooooo.... 2020 is YOUR year

Grab your copy of “The Million Dollar Journal” to hep you create your road map to success and crush your goals in 2020.

click on the link below 👇🏼👇🏼

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