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Bullet Proof Sales StrategIES

Learn The New Sales Strategies Of The 21st Century


Accellerated Sales Training For Saas & HCM Salespeople, Sales Leaders, Entreprenuers, & Business Owners

WhaT You will Get

  • Selling on Social Media

  • Lead Generation Secrets

  • Unrevealed Word Tracks

  • The insight of Goal setting 

  • The Ultimate way to build a referral network

  • The classified follow up plan

  • Systematizing your sales process

  • Creating a presentation that sells

  • The unveiled closing techniques & tactics

  • Top tools & apps to systemize your business


A Copy of: The Million Dollar Journal

Over 300+ Scripts

All the scripts you will need for social media, emails, cold calls, appointments, closes, & much more.

Unlimited Access

Practice, test, & improve your skills 24/7 with unlimited access.

1-on-1 Coaching

Access our team for 1-on-1 coaching to help navigate through the changing economy

Why Choose The #1 Sales Training Program?


KO Sales Training Will Provide You With All The Tools & Resources Necessary To:

  • Close Business through Social Media

  • Create Business Partnerships Online

  • Extract referrals from Linked In & Facebook

  • Get Prospects emails for FREE

  • Overcome any  objection

  • How to sell on value vs price

Kyle Onstott becomes your personal Sales and Marketing coach along with support from his entire team. You will develop your sales skills to still be a top producer through any economy

Are you ready to Learn - Develop - Grow - & Sell More?

Dear Highly Driven Sales Consultant

Whether you have been in sales for years or you are brand new, this course is for you. We have officially entered a different day and age of selling. The digital world has official changed the way we conduct business. If used correctly, it can all be for the better. However, if you are not open to the change you will leave a lot of opportunity and business on the table. 

At this point in your career you have two choice:




Which side of the fence will you stand on?



Who is this course for?

This is not for the average, middle of the pack sales person. It is for the man or woman who is looking to 5x, 10x, or 10x their sales and their income. It is for the ones who want to be a top player in their organization or industry.  

You may also be a good fit if:
  • You are willing to invest the time in implementing new skills & techniques

  • You desire to earn more money, but feel like you have hit a plateau

  • You have a burning desire to achieve greatness and be the LEADER of the pack

  • You want to learn the selling techniques of 2020


Meet Kyle Onstott

Kyle Onstott is a high performance coach, speaker, and business consultant. He's the founder and CEO of Vacation Brothers LLC, a Real Estate investment company. He's also an investor in multiple companies ranging from software to educational and consulting services.


He's known as a top producer in the HCM market and thought leader in Southern California when it comes to HR, Payroll, & Insurance Services. Kyle has helped numerous businesses scale and increase their sales numbers by over 125%. 

A small town man turned highly successful entrepreneur, Kyle uses all platforms available to share his personal story to help encourage, inspire, & motivate audiences and individuals alike worldwide.

  • Who is this training for?
    This training is for any B2B (Business to Business) Sales Professional who is looking to become a top producer and an industry leader.
  • What's included in the training?
    Selling on Social Media Lead Generation Secrets Unrevealed Word Tracks The insight of Goal setting The Ultimate way to build a referral network & Much More
  • How can it benefit if I've been in sales for years?
    Great questions. This training provides the newest ways of selling mixed with the foundational componenets of the business. Throught his course you will learn how to close deals online, create referral partnerships, and generate leads for free all from social media.
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