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What Are You Going To Do To Get Better Today?

Kyle Onstott

Nov 2019

What are you going to do to get better today?

Will you focus on:



Self education

Personal growth

Self mastery

How much time will you invest?

Today, I choose to become better than I was yesterday. The beautiful thing about life is you have the God given free will of choice. & your choices ultimately impact who you will become. You can go to bed as night as one man/woman & wake up the next morning a completely new creation. With new decisions, new actions, new goals, new motivation, & a new game plan you can crush the game of life.

So I have to ask you... what are you going to do to get better today? How are you going to become better than you were yesterday?

If you want to pick up new sales tools & tactics pick up a book. If you want to learn more about business throw on audible on your drive to work. If you want to grow in your faith pray. If you want to get into better shape then hit the gym.

It’s really that simple, but you must take action. No more negotiating with yourself.

Stop allowing your mind, society , & circle of “friends” speak any negatively into your life. You are the only one with the key to access the blueprints of your mental mindset.

You are not a loser. You are not weak. You are not dumb. You are not lazy. You are not ugly. You are not bad. You are not poor. You are not out of control. You are not getting worse. You are not unlucky.

You are a winner. You are strong. Your are smart. You are active. You are beautiful. You are good. You are wealthy. You are in control. You are getting better. You are blessed. Blessed with the opportunity of another day. Another day to grow. Grow in to the man/woman you desire to become. Become the you, you’ve always desire to be. Be the best version of you. You can, you will, you must... you are going to get better today by ______________?

What? What are you going to do?

So ask yourself this question, then take a moment and write the question down, after that list the things you’d like to improve upon today, following that create your road map of action steps necessary to achieve the desired goal. Now.... TAKE ACTION & Just do it!

Here are a few action steps that can make you better today than you were yesterday:

- write down 5 things you’re grateful for

- Accomplish something early in the morning (exercise, prayer, studying, self development)

- Make a positive impact on someone’s life. (Buy lunch for the homeless, thank the janitor for keeping the bathroom clean for you, Give someone a complement)

- Choose to focus on the positive things all day long. (Don’t say “Aw it’s raining” say “YES, I get to play in the rain today.”) it’s all perspective.

So now I challenge you to go out and get better today!

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