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The Millionaire Morning Routine

Do you currently have a morning routine that is putting you in the position to dominate the day?

If not, research says you should.

When you look at all the great athletes, business owners, & investors they all have 1 thing in common: a very solid morning routine.

Now your morning may not be the same as theirs, nor will it be the same as your neighbors. You must create and customize a routine specific to your goals & dreams. The importance of creating a routine is being able to perform it daily subconsciously. When you create a routine you are able to expend less energy. This allows you to spend more energy on revenue generating activities.


Creating your routine:

The first thing you are going to do is write out your goals (You can revert to one of my recent posts regarding goal setting & how to set goals). Once your goals are set you will need your routine to align with those goals. To create a routine, a routine that becomes habit, you must write it out and hold yourself accountable daily. There are hundreds of different things you can implement into your morning routine, but here are a few of the major ones most success people are doing:

- Exercise & Stretch


-Reading (personal development)

-Drink 8-12 oz of water

-Listen to a motivational video

- Writing out goals (long term & short term)

- Listen to an audiobook/podcast

- Plan/prep your meals

You can pick and choose from this list based on your goals. Be sure to create your morning POWER HOUR. The morning is your time to spend focusing on yourself and developing your skills. Science says that the first decisions you make in the morning have a direct impact on the remaining decisions throughout your day. Create a new routine, create better habits. Change your mind, change your life!

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About the author:

Kyle Onstott is an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Motivation Speaker, & Owner of Vacation Brothers LLC. Kyle believes every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching their highest potential. Kyle Onstott provides expert advice and impactful motivation to start a new journey towards not only achieving your goals, but exceeding them in both your personal and business life.

As an experienced and esteemed speaker & consultant, Kyle Onstott aims to deliver education, inspiration and entertainment to a variety of audiences. His goal is to strive to make every event a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content that can be used daily in business, at home, and within your relationships

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