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Keep The Flame Alive

Kyle Onstott

Dec 2019

Keep the fire burning....

One of the most powerful weapons in life is when your soul is on fire with a burning desire. We were all created by God with a burning desire to do, create, learn, & grow.

Just as interactions with individuals spark a flame deep within our soul, It is the fire that brings light to the coals.

Coals must remain together in the fire to stay ignited & produce heat, if you remove a single coal from the bunch it will eventually die out.

This is a direct correlation with our lives as well. Not only regarding who we hangout with and spend most our time around, but also what we are filling our lives with.

So you have to ask yourself, am I filling my fire with coals, wood, & lighter fluid or am I filling it with sand, water, & fire retardant?

Coals, wood, & lighter fluid are analogies for positive people, personal development, & discipline.

Sand, water, & fire retardant are analogies for negative people, laziness, & lack of action.

Let’s start with the first recipe of success - positive people:

It’s important to keep close ties with people who are consistently building you up and pushing you to new limits. You must surround yourself with individuals that are better than you: whether that means sells more business than you, is more knowledgeable in your field, or has a proven track record of massive success in an area you desire to grow. You are going to go a lot further a lot faster this way than if you are spending your time around people of the opposite mind, traits, & habits.

Now for the second recipe- personal development:

Personally, I recommend that you compete against the yesterday version of yourself. I talk about it consistently: learn, grow, & study.

Read that book, go to that seminar, take that online course, study that program. Whatever you do, just make sure you are taking time to grow & develop daily so you can beat the yesterday version of yourself. Always be growing.

The last recipe to keep that fire burning is discipline-

Doing what you need to do, whether you feel like it or not. Train your mind to obey YOU. Gain control and take the massive action necessary to develop into the man/woman you desire to be.

Zig ziglar once said, “ people say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”

It’s easy to listen to a quick motivational video and get fired up, but in order to keep that flame ignited & those coals burning you must apply the 3 ingredients we discussed. Once you are able to create a habit of this, that’s when you will truly see results.

So when you get that flame burning, that fire going inside of you, remember you are a force to be reckon with. Remember to consume the fuel through positive people, personal development, & discipline.

Keep it alive, keep it burning, through the events, hardships, & individuals that try to extinguish your fire you must remember it is your job to keep the fire burning.


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