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How Strong is Your Network? It truly is your NET WORTH!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Kyle Onstott

May 2020

We’ve all heard it our whole lives growing up... “your network is your net worth.”

This statement holds a lot of truth.

The people you have in your network can be your largest advocates when it comes to business. Whether you are in sales or you run your own company this truth holds strong.

If you want to maximize your opportunity you MUST learn how to create and build a strong network of individuals who will help you grow your business.

So how can you build a stronger network you ask?

Talk to everyone. By everyone, I mean everyone. The guy in line at Starbucks, the lady next to you getting her toenails done, the stranger standing in the same elevator as you. You never know who/what kind of impact that can have on you and your business until you implement it. Trust me I know from first hand experience. I’ve met people on airplanes, at coffee shops, in malls, on vacation, you name it. & the great thing is because of social media I still stay in contact with all of them which brings me to my next point.

Add them on social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter. You name it. Make sure you are taking advantage of these free marketing platforms we’ve been blessed with. Use it to market YOU. Not your business. YOU!!

Go to networking events in your local community. There are many places you can go: BNI groups, TEAM networking, Chamber of commerce events. Get plugged into your local community and go meet some people.

Utilize your current network to grow and expand. Ask your group of friends/family/business partners to refer you to someone they know who can be a resource for you and your business. If you aren’t asking your friends or family chances are you aren’t asking anyone. Just ask- it’s really that simple.

Stay consistent. Don’t just meet someone then never speak with them again. Drop in on them just to say hi, send a text, blast out emails, and just make sure you’re staying in front of them as much as possible. Out of sight out of mind.


Reciprocity is key. A sure fire way to show someone you are serious about having them inclusive in your network is by referring them business. Take the first step and send them a referral before they refer you. Starting off a partnership this way is almost guaranteed to get you the results you desire. Don’t just refer 1 time, make sure you’re referring as much as possible. Life is all about Give & take. Learn to give more than you can take! It will all come full circle.

Connect others. Don’t be afraid to have a broker mentality. If someone needs a product/service you don’t offer- refer them to someone in your network who can help. Always keep the mindset of, “how can I help someone today.”

When you meet someone new be a good listener. Listen, talk about them, & then take notes when you can! Always try to take notes after a conversation so you can remember what you talked about and have key points to touch on next conversation you have with them.

Get them out of the office. When you are able to take someone out of their work space it allows them to fee more comfortable and less corporate-like. Any chance you get to take out a referral partner do it. Lunch, breakfast, a drink after work, or even the golf course. If you have similar interest take advantage of the opportunity to do something in that realm.

I’m sure most of us have heard the quote: “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.” These are my best practices. These are the things I have introduced into my personal sales business and have helped me become a top 1% producer. What will you implement? Leave a comment in the comment section and follow me on my social media sites to learn more daily tips.

About the Author:

Kyle Onstott is an Author, Sales Coach, Entrepreneur, & Speaker. He believes every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching their highest potential. Kyle provides expert advice and impactful motivation along with multiple tools to start a new journey towards not only achieving your goals, but exceeding them in both your personal and business life.

As an experienced and esteemed speaker & consultant, he aims to deliver education, inspiration and entertainment to a variety of audiences. His sales, marketing, mindset, & business systems are the secret weapons used by thousands of sales professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs alike. He has a large emphasis on delivering actionable content that can be used daily in business, at home, and within your relationships

If you have questions about sales or want to role play some new word tracks, send me a message- I am here to help!

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