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Do You Know The Four Stages Of Competence

Kyle Onstott

Nov 2019

The 4 stages of competence.

1. Conscious competent- this is when you are able to use your skills with effort

2. Conscious incompetent- where you are aware of the skill but not proficient

3. Unconsciously incompetent- when you are unaware and lack proficiency

4. Unconsciously competent- here you are able to perform the skill automatically without any effort needed. (Similar to a habit)

Out of these 4 categories you work along each stage with the goal of continually improving and working to stage 4. This is achieved through PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

Most would agree it is the stage of becoming Unconsciously competent that sales & business become more fun. This is because a skill becomes second nature and requires little to no energy or effort exerted. This is complete business & sales mastery at its finest. Top sales producers and business owners have perfected unconscious competence amongst multiple areas within their business. It takes massive discipline but the reward is far greater than the investment.

So let’s self reflect....

What are the things you’re doing unconsciously on a daily basis?

- Morning routine like waking up early, showering, praying, eating, & everything else.

- Or maybe you wake up late, eat junk food, & skip out on exercising and personal development.

As we all know It takes 40 to create a habit. To maintain this level of expertise & production you must be consistent day in an day out. Once you are able to teach others in this specific skill or area you will become unconsciously competent- or better yet, the master.

You no longer have to look up a client’s phone number; in your meetings you know exactly what to say and when to say it, you go into your weekly meeting with your manager feeling completely prepared; or you might even be asked to train a new co worker or help with their business development.

So my question is this.. What stage are you currently in? & are you moving forward or staying stagnant? The most important thing is that you’re continually advancing.

Imagine being able to persuade, influence, sell, & win without even thinking about it... now go work towards becoming subconsciously competent do you can win without ever having to thing again!

Action steps:

* Association with people of higher or similar minds & determination.

* Make yourself accountable and give rewards to yourself on each and every small achievement.

* Have 1 on 1 accountability calls with your mentor/coach.

* Make God & others, the center of everything you do.

* Commit for 40 days to whatever area you desire to change or improve

* Teach others the skill you desire to master

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