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Do you have a Fixed or a Growth Mindset?

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Fixed mindset vs growth mindset

Fixed vs growth mindset..

Do you believe the cards you’ve been dealt are the cards you must play? Or do you understand the concept that you can draw a new card at anytime. Here’s the thing... Each day we all have 24 hours. To learn, grown, & develop. Or if you have a fixed mindset then you believe you must use what you have an make the best of it. Patrick Daniel & I both always speak about the importance of personal growth and investing time in self development. If you take two people, with the same job, same location, same upbringing, ethnic background, you name it. & you put them side by side. How is it that 1 of them can outsell or outperform the other? It’s simple... Personal growth/development.

Once you understand the fact that you can invest 20 minutes a day reading a book and learning new skills to market your business, close deals, become more efficient, manage your time, or whatever it may be you have immediately give yourself a multiplier. Everyday you do this continually you give yourself a 2x 4x 10x 100x multiplier beyond your competitor. This concept is not rocket science. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand. It’s quite simple, literally. Invest time each day in yourself and that will be worth more value to you than working a 40 hour work week because you’ve officially started adding multiples to your production. Read a book, go to a seminar, join a mastermind, get a coach, listen to podcasts. Do something each day that is helping you grow closer to your goals and dreams. Warden buffet & bill gates will tell you first hand they’ve both read hundreds if not thousands of books in their time. Not because they have to, but because they understand the value. I’m a firm believer in God. My faith is strong in that. I do believe people are naturally gifted, however, I believe hard work and dedication far outweighs natural talent. I’ve seen it in numerous of areas in my life, sports, business, Art. You name it. People ask me all the time - what’s the secret to your success. It’s no secret. I just gave it to you. I invest in developing my skills and perfecting my craft. Stop being lazy and make changes. Today I challenge you to read 2 pages of that book sitting on your desk or bookshelf. Then take 10 minutes and write down notes & key take aways. Then I challenge you to do this for 1 week. After that week is over I want you to self Reflect and see how much growth you’ve obtained. Remove the fixed mindset. You NOW carry a growth mindset- go feed it !! It’s time to draw a new card and turn the page. The 2020 version of yourself is here & it’s here to stay!!

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About the Author:

Kyle Onstott is an Author, Sales Coach, Entrepreneur, & Speaker. He believes every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching their highest potential. Kyle provides expert advice and impactful motivation along with multiple tools to start a new journey towards not only achieving your goals, but exceeding them in both your personal and business life.

As an experienced and esteemed speaker & consultant, he aims to deliver education, inspiration and entertainment to a variety of audiences. His sales, marketing, mindset, & business systems are the secret weapons used by thousands of sales professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs alike. He has a large emphasis on delivering actionable content that can be used daily in business, at home, and within your relationships

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