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Building Personal Confidence.

Kyle Onstott

December 2019

Someone once said- the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.

Confidence is the ability to walk up to a stranger and have a conversation, the faith to make that leap from your current position, & ultimately the firm belief that you can trust in yourself.

Everyone has confidence... whether a lot or a little. Many have a lack thereof, but none the less- it’s still present no matter how big or little. Confidence is one of those things where you have a glowing radar strapped across your chest where people can read your confident level immediately. The way you hold yourself through your tonality & body language gives people an instant reading.

With confidence you have the ability to turn it on or off. Understanding this thought can be very difficult to comprehend, but let’s think about it for a second....

If you have a boy/girl that you have a crush on, but lack the confidence to go talk to them then clearly the confidence is essentially “turned off” at that moment. When the thought arose into your mind you immediately came up with unconfident supporting thoughts like: “he/she won’t like me, they would never go out with someone like me, or they’re out of my league.”

However, at that same moment you could have “turned on” the confident switch and thought: “he/she is going to love me, they want me, or I’m going to make them my boyfriend/girlfriend.”

You see this confident switch I think of applies to all areas of our life....

& Of course confidence deals directly with mindset- we’ve already uncovered the fact that mindset is the key component of all aspects in life. With this in mind you understand the importance to invest time each day focusing on growing and developing your mindset. In turn you will also see the growth & development directly reflect into your confidence levels.

When you were formed & created God placed everything you need inside of you. It’s up to you to unlock the gates and access the golden opportunity & true potential of self.

Remember being a kid when you had all the confidence in the world? You thought you were invincible. Then as you got older and experienced the hate & hurt of the negative people you began to lose that confidence. I am here to help encourage you to get the child like confidence back!!

There are going to be people who tell you you’ll never amount to anything. That you suck. You’ll be bashed and ridiculed in life. Negative people will try to pull you down and hold you back if your true potential but just remember you are better than that.

No matter what anybody says to you or about you- maintain the concrete mindset and understanding that you are who you say you are, not what or who others try to say you are.

You were made on purpose, with a purpose, for a purpose.

You do matter. You are a winner at heart. You are full of love. You control your mind, it doesn’t control you. You are passionate & full of love. You give to others through kindness. You are an overcomer. You triumph over adversity. You beat the temptations you face. You grow closer to your goals every day. You can do anything you set your mind to.

If you hear a voice in your mind tell you that you CAN’T do something- you must take immediate action & go DO it.

In all that you do- be confident. Believe in yourself & your abilities. Everything you need comes from within you, God already put it there!

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