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Are You Living Intentionally?

Kyle Onstott

Nov 2019

The definition of intentional is deliberate or on purpose. Essentially to live intentionally means to consciously make an effort to live according to your values & beliefs.

Here’s the thing... Daily actions can either work for you or against you. It’s important you remain conscious in all decision making & never allow yourself to just “go with the flow” or do something that’s outside of your personal values & beliefs.

Live the life that makes you feel like you matter. Do what you feel gives you purpose- that enriches you- that fulfills you every single day. Decide how to live your life TODAY. You choose!!

Living intentionally is not always the easiest thing to do and it takes a lot of effort & practice to perfect it.

I heard this quote “how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” Personally, this really strikes a chord with me. I have big goals & dreams I aspire to achieve in my lifetime and too often I find myself doing things unintentionally. This not only effects my day, but it effects my future goals & dreams as well. It’s the little daily decisions that work for us or against us . Or if you look at it from an artists perspective it’s the details that make the masterpiece.

Don’t always just make spur of the moment decisions, give yourself a moment, take a deep breathe, gather your thoughts, then consciously make an educated decision, take action, or speak your mind- but never allow yourself to be unintentional with your thoughts, feelings, words, or actions.

It’s often too easy for us to fall in the trap of the now now now. The quick go go go lifestyle our culture has created and in this we easily fall into that emotional decision making ... which often times stands outside of our values & beliefs. Do you. Live out your life to the max. Be passionate in all that you do. Be the best version of yourself.

Every single day is a new day. A new beginning. You get an entire new set of choices today.

Between your attitude, decisions, mindset, thoughts, work life, and everything in between you will have multiple decisions to make. Will they be intentional?

1. Consider an ideal day/situation/goal

2. Create action steps

3. Have an attitude of gratitude

4. Give generously

5. Love unconditionally

6. Find your passion

7. Create your message to the world

8. Live out your purpose

9. Be kind

10. Work hard

11. Chase your Dreams & goals

12. Always push forward

13. Most importantly....LIVE INTENTIONALLY

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