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Where Did Your Imagination Go?

Kyle Onstott

Dec 2019


The word Imagine is a very powerful word. Quite frankly I don’t think it’s used enough in our daily lives. I’m curious how many people use their imagination every day? 

When is the last time you used your imagination? 

It’s funny because as kids that was a core component of our lives. We had imaginations like you wouldn’t believe. Somehow you could keep yourself entertained for hours just playing with your toys & using your imagination to tell stories, create scenes, or act even act as if the ground was hot lava. 

The older you got, the less you used your imagination. Here’s the thing though... it didn’t go anywhere. Just like a muscle it needs to be worked again so it can grow and develop. 

Imagination is everything. It is limitless, it has no borders. It is larger than life itself. Everything that is real was imagined first. Walt Disney, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos- these are 3 highly successful business men that had imaginations greater than their existence. 

So let’s go on a quick journey...

Close your eyes & conceptualize...

Imagine being in the best shape of your life. Imagine having the knowledge and wisdom of the top 10 most intelligent business & sales individuals. Imagine having a family that loves and supports each other unconditionally. Imagine having the financial freedom to live life on your terms and do what you want when you want. Imagine living in ultimate health & happiness. Imagine living your best life and becoming the you, you’ve always desired to become. 

Now in order for this to be most effective you want to dig deeper into your imagination like when you were 10 years old playing with legos or barbies. You knew the exact detail of everything. What I mean by digging deeper is let’s say for example you want to own a beach house in Encinitas, California (my goal destination). Perfect! What color is the house? How many windows? What’s the square footage? Is it on the beach or on the cliff? How many bedrooms? Bathrooms? What does it smell like? What does it sound like? What do you taste as you walk into the front door? You get the point here. Be as detailed as possible. 

This simple yet powerful exercise can change the trajectory of your life. I speak a lot about having a road map of your goals & how to achieve them, well this tool aligns directly within that. If you can take time every day to put yourself in the place of already achieving that goal & dream by using your imagination to create the feelings & emotions tied to the achievement, picture how powerful that will be to push and motivate you towards your goals the rest of the day. This strategy is used by a large number of successful athletes, actors, business owners, & sales professionals every single morning. 

Take time each morning to use your imagination and envision what your future looks like. Put yourself in the moment and act as if you’ve already received it. Our minds are powerful yet easily manipulated. The more you tell yourself and see yourself with the goal in hand the closer you become to achieving it. 

Remember... imagination means nothing without action. So choose today to take massive action & kickstart your imagination back into gear. Now go imagine a life with no limits, & make those dreams a reality. 

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